Many people ask me if I am a Clairvoyant or if I get in touch with spirits?  My answer would be yes to both.  What they should be asking me is "Are you a Psychic or a Medium?"  There is a difference between a Psychic and a Medium but not between a Clairvoyant and a Medium. In recent times the word Clairvoyant has been used to describe anyone who gives psychic or mediumistic messages.

Clairvoyance is actually one of the ways that a Medium works (clear seeing).

What is the difference between Mediumship and Psychic Ability?

Mediumship can be one of the most rewarding gifts that someone can possess.  The look of joy on a bereaved person’s face when they have received even the shortest message from their loved one is one of the best sights that you will ever behold.  The immense feeling of satisfaction that a Medium gains from helping someone realise that death is not final; the comprehension that our loved ones’ live on in our hearts and minds, that their ‘energy’  or ‘life essence’ is constantly around us, is one of the most beautiful things a Medium will ever experience.

Basically, Mediumship is a higher altered state of consciousness which enables the Medium to tune into, and communicate with, the spirit world.  The Medium receives messages from people who have passed away; these could be messages that are personal to the ‘spirit’s’ loved ones, memories, or even advice for the future.  Sometimes the messages will be words of wisdom from ‘guides or spirit helpers’.

A Psychic is able to tune into the person they are reading for (the sitter) on an earthly level and pick up on what is going on, and has gone on, around the sitter, e.g. things that have happened in their past, things that are happening at present and things that could happen in the future.

Intuition and Psychic Ability

Many people ‘pick up’ things on a Psychic level without even realising it.  How many times have you been talking to someone when a thought pops into your head and the very thing you thought about happens?  Have you thought about someone and they phone, email or write to you?  Sometimes you think that something is going to happen and it does; or you think that you have seen someone, or visited a place, before.  Many times we put this down to intuition or imagination but is it really Psychic ability of one kind or another?


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