ABSENT HEALING - Healing directed to a person in a different location to the healer.  The healing energy is sent to the recipient through thought waves.

AFFIRMATION - A positive statement affirming or declaring something to help manifest it in the physical world.

AFTERLIFE - A spiritual state transcending death of the physical body.  This term refers to the continuing existence of the soul.

AJNA – The Third Eye.  This name also refers to the ‘cord’ that joins the astral and physical bodies.

AKASHIC RECORD – The celestial database where all thoughts, deeds and actions that have taken place in the physical world at anytime are recorded and are available to be accessed by psychic means.

ALPHA WAVE - Brain wave associated with relaxed, alert consciousness.

ALTERED STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS - This term is used to cover a wide range of states of consciousness which differ from the normal ‘awake’ state, these include: sleep, dreams, trance, hallucinogenic experiences whether drug, hypnotically or otherwise induced, etc.

AMULET (or Talisman) - An object used for protection or to naturally produce certain effects.

ANGEL – A messenger or heavenly envoy.  Immortal being.  Divine Spirit.

ANIMISM – From, probably, millions of years ago it was believed that a soul or spirit existed in every object, animate or inanimate.  In later years the consensus of opinion is that the soul or spirit is thought to exist as part of an immaterial soul; meaning the spirit is thought to be universal.  This term is also thought to refer to the belief that non-physical entities are spiritual beings, or at least represent some manner of life force.

ANOMOLY – Is something that does not fit scientific explanation or the conventional vision of truth.

ANTAHKARANA - (Sanskrit) the Bridge between the higher and lower mind.

APPORT – An object that moves through time and matter to appear in another place, or reappear in the place it disappeared from.

ASCENDED MASTERS – It is believed that these are beings that once existed in earthly form and who learned all of their life’s lessons.  Once they transcended the human limitations of the physical form and ascended into the ‘Divine Freedom’ of their energy form, they gained Mastery over the limitations of the material planes by balancing more than half of their negative karma and by fulfilling their divine plan.

ASCETICISM - The science of self-knowledge through discipline of mind and body.

ASOMATIC – Without a body, out of the body.

ASTRAL BODY - A non-physical counterpart of a physical body and one of the seven layers of the Aura.

ASTRAL LIGHT - also known as the auric light or non-physical body light.  It is the light or aura which is perceived as vibrations surrounding beings or objects.

ASTRAL PROJECTION - The act of separating the astral body from the physical body. Also known as Astral Travel.

ATTUNEMENT – This is the process of aligning the individual with the natural energy of the universe.

AUM (OM) - This is a mantra which is also used in some forms of meditation.  It is a sound that when made with the voice box vibrates the whole spiritual channel, charges all the chakras, harmonises mind and body and helps to raise ones vibration.

AURA – This is the energy field that emanates from all living organisms.  It consists of seven distinctive layers known as "bodies".  Some people are able to see auras and report them as being of various colours according to the health, mood or mindset of the person or animal whose aura is being viewed; or in the case of plants, trees and other organisms these auras may be seen as dancing lights, rainbow spectrums, etc.

AURA BALANCING - The technique for clearing, smoothing, or harmonising the Auric field around a person's head and body.

AUTOSUGGESTION – Programming by another or self programming by sending mental messages to the unconscious mind.

AWARENESS - Spiritual or higher consciousness.

BAND – It is said that each person attracts spirit entities who may attend them according to their needs and backgrounds.  When there are several of these entities they are referred to as a ‘band’.  These can consist of: Master/Teachers, healing guides/doctors, general guides, helpers, counsellors, seers, angels, elementals, animals and other entities befitting the personality of the individual concerned

BETA WAVES - Brain waves indicating normal waking state.

BEWITCHING – is to use one's psychic, paranormal or other abilities over another person for the purpose of control and manipulation.

BI-LOCATE - Bi-location, or sometimes multi location, is a term used to describe instances in which an individual or object appears to be located in two different places at the same instant in time.

BIOLUMINESSENCE - Invisible rays that surround an object or individual that can be picked up by Kirlian photography.

BLACK ART – This is a term associated with using psychic energy for evil intent or self gratification.

BLACK MAGICK – This term refers to the use of magick or sorcery to produce phenomena for abuse toward others and/or self-gratification.

BLOCKING – Refers to the prevention of the smooth flow of energy through the body due to negative or closed, thought processes, illness or trauma.

BOJI STONE - The Boji Stone is thought by some to be the philosopher stone of ancient Alchemy.  It is a stone used in healing to remove pain by closing holes in the energy field of the human body.  Boji Stones are small black stones or rocks usually used in pairs, male and female.

BREATHWORK - Working with breathing patterns to achieve emotional, mental, spiritual and material changes.

CABINET - A small space set aside in a séance room enclosed by panels or curtains, or a purpose built cabinet.  The function of the cabinet is to isolate the medium for the purpose of concentrating mediumistic energy to help produce ectoplasm to aid the materialisation of spirits within the séance room.  Ectoplasm is also needed for transfiguration to take place over the medium’s body.  Usually the room is in darkness, with only a red light, so that ectoplasm and mists can be seen more easily.

CANDLEMAGICK – The art of anointing and burning candles of various colours, shapes, and aromas to use in spell work, healing and magickal ceremonies.

CAUSE AND EFFECT - (Hermetic principle of).  Also known as the law of Karma: every thought, every belief, every action has a reaction or an effect.  What goes around comes around.

CHAKRA - Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk.  The word Chakra refers to each of the seven vortexes of energy positioned in a line passing through the centre of the body along the spine.  Each one corresponds to a point where there is a group of nerve endings or lymphatic ganglia or plexuses.

CHANNEL – A person who acts as a conduit to receive and transmit communications, energies, thoughts, or deeds from a spirit, discarnate soul or entity.

CHANNELLING - Receiving and transmitting of energy or communications via a spirit or entity.

CHANTING – is the rhythmic repetition of sound, such as a mantra, in which vibrational energy is received and discharged.

CHARGING – The conveying of psychic energy from one source to another.

CHI - (Chinese) Universal life force energy.

CIRCLE - Mediumistic or healing group.

CLAIRAUDIENCE - (French) Extrasensory data perceived as sound.

CLAIRCOGNISANCE – Knowing something intuitively.

CLAIRSCENTIENCE - (French) Extrasensory data perceived as smell, (not to be confused with clairsentience).

CLAIRSENTIENCE - (French) Extrasensory data perceived as feeling or awareness.  This is an antiquated term that refers to the paranormal obtaining of information using faculties other than vision or hearing, e.g. empathy, intuition.

CLAIRVOYANCE - (French) Extrasensory data perceived as heightened sight, especially of future events.  When referred to in terms of Mediumship, it is the ‘seeing’ of information from the ‘spirit’ realm either objectively or intuitively.

COBWEBBING - The sensation of cobwebs on the face, arms or hands is often an indication that ‘spirit’ energy is around the person feeling this.

COGNITION – This is the process of knowing through perception.  It is the assimilation of knowledge gained through sensory perception, ESP, intuition or psychic perception.

CONSTRICTION OF THE SOUL - A state of the soul in which it is impossible for it to expand towards the Infinite.

CONTACT - Connection with someone else on this or another plane of existence.

CONTEMPLATION – This is similar to meditation.  It is the act of holding a thought, picture or object in the mental vision and observing that thought, picture or object from many viewpoints.

DELTA WAVE - Slowest of the brain waves, associated with deep sleep.

DEMATERIALISATION – The passage of matter through matter.  By raising the frequency vibrations to the highest level it is possible to cause an object (or person) to partly, or fully, dematerialise.  This means that it disappears from the earthly third dimensional state of seeing.

DEVIC - Nature kingdom.

DHARMA - (Sanskrit) the Law, duty and way of life.

DIMENSION - This refers to a division of the universe.  In metaphysical terms, it is the concept that there is a physical world and an ethereal realm each consisting of an unknown number of layers.

DIRECT VOICE MEDIUMSHIP - A form of physical mediumship, which occurs when spirit either uses the voice box of the medium or creates a 'voice box' from ectoplasm.  In either case, the voice that is heard will be the voice of the communicator.

DISCARNATE - Loosely this means, without a body.  The term is used to refer to any ethereal, disembodied element such as a soul, spirit or ghostly personality.  In mediumistic terms, it is one who survived death, discarded the physical body, and now exists in the etheric realm in spirit form.

DISEASE (dis-ease) - When there is imbalance in the Chakras, or disharmony between the levels of self, this can result in a breakdown of health physical, mental or emotional.

DISHARMONY - Lack of harmony with the divine energies.

DISTANT HEALING - Healing a person, animal or situation from a distance via meditation or prayer.

DIVIDED CONSCIOUSNESS – The ability or state of performing two or more tasks simultaneously.

DIVINATION – This is the art or act of working on a psychic level to give information about a person’s past, present or future through intuition or the use of various divinatory ‘tools’.

DOWSING – The practice of locating water, minerals, or other objects through the use of a rod, pendulum, or other object.

DREAM JOURNAL - Diary in which dreams are recorded or analysed.

ECTOPLASM – This is a subtle living matter, which is manifested by combining certain substances from the Medium’s body and those from the ‘spiritual’ environment; which are then, emitted by the Medium to bring about the materialisation of a ‘spirit’ form.  Ectoplasm is necessary for the visual materialisation of spirit objects and people.

EGO - This is a feeling of self, e.g., I, me, mine.  Sometimes these feelings become exaggerated and cause the person to think only of themselves and their own self importance.

EIDETIC – These are images that are seen when the eyes are closed.

ELECTRICITY – This is a general term encompassing a variety of phenomena resulting from the presence and flow of an electric charge.  Electricity is the vital energy of the Infinite and finite.

ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENA (EVP) - The unexplained embedding of discarnate voices on magnetic tape, digital recordings or heard through various devices. Discovered by the Swedish artist Friedrich Jorgenson in 1959.

ELEMENTAL FORCES – These are the basic building blocks of earth, air, fire and water, used in the creation and maintenance of the physical world.

ELEMENTALS - These are the creatures that evolved in the Four Elements - earth (gnomes), air (sylphs or faeries), fire (salamanders), and water (undines).

EMANATION - The perceptible, smoke-like extruding of the spirit body (Beta) from the physical.

EMPATH – One who is sensitive to the feelings, thoughts, moods, emotions and experiences of another.

EMPATHY - The understanding of, and sensitivity to, the feelings and thoughts of others.  Explicitly experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of another of either the past or present, without having these sensations fully communicated in an objectively precise manner.  This is not the same as sympathy, which is the sharing of another's emotions, especially of sorrow or anguish without actually experiencing the person’s feelings.  Sympathy can sometimes be described as pity or compassion.

ENERGY – This term encompasses many other terms used in the paranormal, metaphysical, psychic and complementary therapy fields, these include: Life force, cosmic ether, healing medium, vitalising force, primal juice, cosmic electricity, etc.  It is the Universal manifestation of the divine Power.

ENLIGHTENMENT – This is universal consciousness; a final blessed state free from ignorance, desire and suffering; traditionally compared to a mind full of light.

ENTELE - Purified entity.  A soul that has redeemed the primal sin and has returned to purest energy.

ENTITY - Disembodied spirit.  Discarnate being.

ESP - Common abbreviation for “extrasensory perception” (which see).

ETHER – In the spiritual sense, it is the cosmic energy in the Universe and beyond.  It is anywhere beyond earth’s atmosphere.

ETHERAL – Spiritual in nature.

ETHERIC, ASTRAL OR DREAM BODY – The outer casing of the Aura which vibrates at an extremely fast rate making it invisible to the normal eye.

ETHICS - This is the code of conduct or philosophy that one develops and adopts to protect personal integrity.

EXORCISM - A rite or process for delivering an unenlightened and uninvited spirit presence out of a person, vessel or situation.

EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION – The reception of information not gained through the recognised physical senses but sensed with the mind.

FEEDER (battery) – This is the term given to a participant during a psychic or physical manifestation, from whom is drawn a supply of extra energy to strengthen the demonstration.

FINITE – That which is of the earth plane, solid and tangible.

GATEKEEPER OR DOOR KEEPER - An ethereal being serving as controller during communicative contact between a medium/psychic and etheric discarnate forms.

GHOST - The non-physical, or etheric, body of an entity that lingers in the solid world after death.

GROUNDING - Becoming familiarised or re-familiarised with ones physical surroundings.

GROUP MIND – This refers to the blended consciousness of a number of like minded people.

GUARDIAN ANGEL - A protective presence who may be summoned to help one meet the challenges of the human incarnation.

GUARDIAN SPIRIT – This is a spirit entity who assumes responsibility for care and protection of a person on the earth plane.

GUIDE - A member of a medium/psychic’s spirit group who assumes a role of protecting, guiding and influencing the daily life and destiny of said individual.

HEALING – This refers to the administration of healing influences, often instantaneous, to the sick by the channelling of universal energy.

HIGHER SELF – Refers to the super conscious or higher conscious mind.

INCARNATE – To exist in human form.

INCARNATION - A manifestation in bodily form.

INCORPOREAL - Not of material substance of form.

INDIGO – The colour of intuition, dignity and spiritual aspirations.

INFINITE - Unlimited space, time and dimensions.  Without end.

INFLUENCED OR INSPIRED WRITING – Written psychic communication inspired by ‘spirit’.

INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKING – Inspired speech initiated by thoughts placed in the Medium’s consciousness by, and controlled by, spirit.

INTUITION – Knowing and sensing by instinct without the use of rational processes.

JOURNALING - Recording thoughts, which can be freely expressed in the privacy of our writing.

KARMA – This term refers to the concept of "action" or "deed", understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect.  Karma is the recorded accounting for all good, evil and indifference that the person actions on others, at any time during any of their incarnations on earth.

KI (chi) - Universal life force energy.

MAGNETIC FIELDS - Zone of interference between two or more psychic and physical energies differently orientated.

MAJOR ARCANA - Archetypal 22 card section of the Tarot.

MAP DOWSING – The art or act of locating water, oil, missing objects, etc, with a pendulum and map rather than actually being on the site.

MATTER - Atomic energy form with a heavier, slower vibration than mind or spirit.

MEDITATION - A relaxed state of mind and body during which psychic and mediumistic abilities can be enhanced.

MEDIUM – One who converses with spiritual beings by raising their vibrational energy.

MEDIUMSHIP – Process by which a Medium contacts the spirit realm.

MENTAL MEDIUMSHIP - The power to demonstrate the ability to contact the spirit realm through clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, etc.

MERIDIANS - Channels of energy that flow through the physical body to keep Ki, chi, or life force, distributed to all systems, organs, and cells to retain harmony and balance.

MERKABAH - The etheric divine light vehicle allegedly used for astral travel by those in tune with the higher realms to reach and connect with ascended masters.

MESSAGE - The content of psychic communication regardless of the type or form of delivery.

METAMORPHOSIS – Transgression from one form to another.

METAPHYSICS - Metaphysics is the philosophical study of being and knowing; it is the study of physical reality and beyond.  It includes the spiritual relationship between mind and matter. It also relates to our connection with our own higher self, our god within.

METEMPSYCHOSIS – This refers to reincarnation, admitting the possibility of the incarnation of the soul in an animal.

MINOR ARCANA - 56 Card section of the Tarot from Aces through Kings, and including a knight in each suit.

MONAD - An indivisible and divine spiritual life-atom.  The immortal self within each person that lives on in successive incarnations, progressing to the stature of the adept beyond which extends unlimited evolution.

MYSTICISM – The art and science of establishing conscious relation with the absolute source of wisdom.

NDE (Near Death Experience)  - Powerful experience often following an accident or sickness, in which the journeyer is said to approach a bright light through a long tunnel in which spirits hover; and then (briefly) enters a world of light, love, and bliss.

NEGATIVE ENERGIES - Those energies that destroy the harmony of individuals.

OBE (Out-of-Body-Experience) - Awareness of the astral body detaching from the physical body, either voluntarily or involuntarily, awake or dreaming.

OBJECT READING (Psychometry) - Receiving psychic information by holding an article in the hands; those with psychic ability can determine information regarding the article itself or facts concerning the owner of the article.

OLD SOUL - One who has reincarnated many times.

OM (Aum, which see)

OTHER-SIDE - After-death realm.

PARAKINESIS – Physical, psychic phenomenon for which there is no normal explanation for the movement manifested.

PARANORMAL - This is a term designated to experiences that lie outside the range of normal experience or scientific explanation.

PARAPHYSICS - The study of laws governing psychic phenomena.

PARAPSYCHOLOGY - Science of measuring and investigating paranormal phenomena and behaviour.

PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP - Physical mediumship may involve noticeable manifestations, such as loud raps, noises, voices, materialised objects, partial or full body manifestations, apports, and levitation.  The medium is used as a source of power for these manifestations and may produce ectoplasm.

PK (Psycho kinesis) - Influence of mind upon matter.

PLENARY TRANCE - The deepest state of hypnosis available.

PORTENT - The psychic indication that something is about to happen.

POSSESSION - The taking control of the physical body of a person by a spirit entity.

PRECOGNITION - Psychic knowledge of future events.  Predicting something that might happen.

PREDICTION - A statement of what will happen in the future based upon known, real behaviour forms and an estimate of the possibilities.

PREMONITION - feeling of foreboding, intuition or sensing of something to occur in the future.  Seeing or sensing something, an event that actually does take place.

PROPHECY - A description of future happenings.

PROPHETIC DREAM - A prophecy or precognition achieved during state of sleep.

PSYCHIC - A person who is sensitive or responsive to etheric, spirit, or other non-physical powers or manifestation.  One who has the ability to tap into the vibrations surrounding a living person and give them information concerning their past, present and future.

PSYCHIC ARTIST – A psychic or medium that creates spiritual pictures or drawings using information relayed to them by spirit.

PSYCHIC BLOCK – An invisible wall made in one's aura preventing a psychic or medium from tuning in to that person.

PSYCHIC CORD – this is the term used for the "silver cord" or thread-like connection extending from the physical body to the astral or psychic body during OBE's.

PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT - The process of activating one's psychic ability.

PSYCHOMETRY (see Object Reading)

PUREST INTELLIGENCES - Purest Spirits that are not stained with the first sin and have never been clad in matter.

QUERENT - Enquirer in a Tarot or psychic reading.

RADIATION - Power existing in various wave rates and lengths.  It is believed to be the carrier of spirit communication with Mediums. Radiation is resistant to material insulation and passes through solid substances.  It is not explained by physical laws and is generally accepted as being paranormal.

RAPPING – During some sessions of working with ‘spirit’ taps or knocks may be heard emanating from furniture, doors or walls.  These ‘raps’ are often in response to questions asked by the Medium either aloud or as a thought.

READER – A person who has the ability to receive and convey a psychic or mediumistic message either by using intuition or by receiving the message from a discarnate source.

REGRESSION THERAPY - This is a therapy that is used to explore past lives, or earlier stages of a present one (age regression), either for research or healing purposes.

REIKI HEALING - Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force, an energy which is all around us.  It is the name given to a system of natural healing which evolved from the experience and dedication of Dr Mikao Usui, a professor of theology who lived in Japan in the last century.  Reiki practitioners are initiated into this form of healing by a series of attunements, which allow the life force energy to flow through the healers body and out through their hands to the recipient (patient).

REINCARNATION - This is the process whereby the soul of a deceased person (or animal) is born anew in a physical body after being in the ‘spirit’ realms.

REMOTE DOWSING - To hold a pendulum over a map until it swings in a manner to indicate the area where the object is located.

REMOTE VIEWING – The art of projecting the mind clairvoyantly, or otherwise, to a distant location with the intention of ‘viewing’ what is at or in that location.  This process is often used to find lost people and objects.

RESPONSIBILITY – When working in the ‘spiritual’ or paranormal field we are expected to react in a specific way appropriate to our level of understanding of life and the lessons it brings.  When working with others who may be influenced by our guidance, deeds and actions, we must ensure that everything we do or say carries a high degree of responsibility and discipline.

RIBBON OF LIFE - Electrified band of energy that receives the positive and negative thought incisions of an individual throughout their lifetime.

RUN - A repetition or series of identical or near-identical events with no possible explanation other than paranormal causes.

RUNE – A rune is a letter from one of the old Scandinavian (Germanic) scripts.  Psychic readings can be carried out by using this popular divinatory system which utilises a number of rune stones each one inscribed with a letter from the ancient runic alphabet.

SCRYING – Gazing into or onto a shiny surface with the intention of seeing visions, pictures, etc., relating to the enquirers future, e.g. crystal ball, mirror, bowl of ink.

SEANCE - Sitting by a small group of people, preferably with a medium present, to produce physical phenomenon.

SEMATOLOGY – This is the science of signs, particularly of verbal signs, in the operation of thinking and reasoning.  It is the science of language as expressed by signs.  In the ‘spiritual’ sense, it refers to receiving information from the etheric world in a séance room by the manner of the movements of the material object being used.

SEMIOTICIAN – This term refers to one who interprets the meaning of signs and symbols.

SENSITIVE - One possessing limited, emerging or developing ability toward mediumship.

SENSORY PERCEPTION - Reception through the powers of physical awareness, hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch.

SILVER CORD - The cord of consciousness which is invisible to the physical eye.  It allows us to leave the physical body, yet remain linked to it while in astral travel or projection.  It is often described as looking like an umbilical cord that is attached to the physical body at the solar plexus, the heart, or top of the head.

SITTING – A meditation session or session with a medium.

SIXTH SENSE – This is a faculty, possessed by everyone, but more developed in some people than others, enabling the acquisition of awareness and knowledge not explainable within the capabilities of the five physical senses.

SONAMBULES - Mediums that can slide into deep trance easily and work with phenomena while in a trance state.

SOUL - The energy matter that exists after physical death of the body.  It is the immortal essence of all beings.

SOUL ENERGIES - Complex of psychophysical energies emitted by the soul.

SOULMATE - One with whom an individual has had a close and favourable association in more than one lifetime.

SPIRIT - The energy forces of nature, both the identified and the unidentified.  It is the animating force within living beings.

SPIRIT CONTROL - A term used primarily in trance mediumship. This refers to the specific spirit communicator or operator who controls the consciousness of the medium during the condition of trance. The medium allows their  mind go into a trance like state, and be controlled by the spirit helpers. This control can be anything from light to deep enabling the spirit control to project their thoughts and feelings to the mediums mind enabling the medium to speak, transfigure, perform automatic writing, psychic art or other forms of trance or physical mediumship.

SPIRIT CONTROLLER - This is a spirit friend and teacher whose primary role is to take care of and protect the medium, while working as a channel for spirit. He or she does this by helping control the energy field of the medium, the sitter(s), and any communicating spirit. The spirit controller may or may not be the same individual as the spirit guide.

SPIRIT DOCTOR - The spirit doctor or spirit healer is the ethereal general health practitioner of each person.  He or she is responsible for the individual’s physical and mental health.

SPIRIT ENTITY - A being of the spirit realm who at one time resided on the earth plane.

SPIRIT GUIDE - A spirit entity who attaches to a person to help them, and to influence earthly existence. A spirit teacher and guardian who works with the medium throughout his or her life; whose primary role is to help teach and inspire the medium and to assist him or her in the process of mediumistic development.

SPIRIT HELPER - Any discarnate who gives assistance to a mortal.

SPIRITUAL HEALING - This is the art of working with the subtle energies, in a spiritual manner, with the intention of improving or balancing the recipient’s health or healing properties within their own body.

STIGMATA - Psychic appearance of wounds on the body.

SUBTLE BODY - This is one of the non-physical casings of the soul, usually the astral body.

TAROT – An archetypal deck of 78 cards with symbols dating back to 15th century, or beyond, and used for divination.

TELEGNOSIS - Form of telepathy in which a voice is heard.

TELEKINESIS - Movement of objects without physical contact.

TELEPATHY - Extrasensory awareness of the thoughts or actions of others.

TELEPORTATION - Instantaneous transmission of matter from one point to another.

THETA WAVE - Brain wave associated with meditation, memory and learning enhancement, and vivid imagery.

THIRD EYE – The organ of intuition, located between the eyebrows but actually linked to the pineal gland.

THOUGHT WAVES - Vibrations emitted by embodied and disembodied souls.

TRANCE - Mediumistic state of psychological dissociation in which the spirit entity takes over the person's voice or body to speak to human audiences.

TRANSFIGURATION – This term refers to the ectoplasmic overshadowing of the medium’s face and/or body by a ‘spirit’ form.  This is part of physical mediumship.

TRANSITION - This term refers to the death process; it is the progression from one state of consciousness to another.

TWIN SOULS - Two soul-minds who experience a spiritual affinity; when they incarnate together through many lifetimes, there is a familiar union, whether it is on the etheric or earth plane.

ULTRAPHANIC - From beyond the visible and the perceptible.

UNDERSTANDING - Capacity derived from substantial knowledge.


UNIVERSAL LAW – Within everything there is a fundamental principle, necessary for the scheme of things that cannot be altered, used up, or worn out.  This is our inner knowing, the universal mind and spirit within.

UNIVERSAL MIND – This refers to the collective intelligence of the Universe.

VEHICLE – This is the term used to refer to a body which is the carrier of a spirit.

VEIL - The invisible field of etheric energy that separates the physical from the psychic senses.  This surrounds the body, inside the aura.

VISUALISATION - The process of forming positive thoughts or images, as a means of creating wellness, promoting relaxation or for manifesting your desires.

VOICE MEDIUM (DIRECT OR INDEPENDENT) - A physical medium who supplies ectoplasm which is used in combination with other chemicals from the environment to construct a temporary "voice box" through which the spirit speaks directly to the persons’ present.

WALK IN - A magnanimous entity from the spirit realm that is permitted, under certain circumstances, to take over unwanted human bodies.

XENOGLOSSIS - Speaking in tongues unknown to the speaker.

XENOGRAPHY - Writing in tongues unknown to the writer.

YIN & YANG - The law of universal change.  The need to have opposites to promote balance and harmony.

ZENER CARDS - Deck of cards designed by Karl Zener at Duke University, consisting of five cards of each of five different symbols star, circle, cross, square, and wavy lines; used to test ESP.

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