Many times I have been asked "Can anyone become Psychic?"  The answer to this is very simple.  Everyone is born with Psychic abilities (a sixth sense); think of babies in the crib looking at some ' unseen’ being and laughing and gurgling at them.  Think of a child with his/her imaginary friend or those many ‘weird’ co-incidences.

One of the main problems we encounter is how we can keep these abilities in a useable and workable state throughout our lives whilst trying to juggle life’s commitments.  This is an extremely tough, and for some impossible, task.  This is why many people develop their abilities later in life.

Very young children are prone to seeing spirits because they have not been conditioned otherwise, when they reach school age this is usually drummed out of them by family and peer pressure.  “Don’t be silly, people will think you are mad”, “Act sensibly”, they are told

The abilities still stay with us but they are much more deep rooted, and harder to access, as we do not tend to use them through fear of being ridiculed; telling someone that you hear voices can be met with some very negative response.  These abilities tend to resurface strongly during teenage years/puberty, only to be pushed aside again as the sexual energies start to die down.

We all have a huge portion of our minds that we do not use, where a lot of long forgotten information is stored.  To work with Psychic ability is to tap into this area of the brain and make it function in the way nature intended.  Outside influences, people thinking that we are 'a little odd' and giving us a wide berth, embarrassment, lack of confidence; all contribute to us putting this ability to the back of our minds to be stored there, unused, for eternity in some cases.

We can re-awaken these senses.


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